Red Carpet Premiere: Lu Ortiz

Mexico City, Mexico — In Women’s Hands was created at a moment when we digital women activists galvanized around two simple questions: Will the Internet be a fairer, freer and more balanced means to participate nonviolently in the social struggles that are dear to us? Will we have access to more bandwidth to voice our concerns and advance toward achieving better societies for women and girls around the globe?

Luisa Ortiz, digital strategist

From Mexico City, where I am based, I see a future where women have more access to digital means of communications. The use of cell phone and SMS technologies is bringing women closer to their families, inserting them in the job market, and making them more independent and reachable at all times.

However, the costs of being connected are high and present a problem for many women, however, I have witnessed incredible creativity from Mexican women to breach the digital divide and get online! The use of the Internet and social media is increasing and for one comment on Twitter made by a man in Mexico, women make 2.5! Are we taking over the twittersphere? Perhaps we are.

I believe that our calling as female digital activists is to make technology work for us, in favor of our causes. My role at In Women’s Hands is to help other women find their digital voices, using a variety of channels and creative means to bypass the digital divide and any financial constraints that prevent us from getting on line. Women of all economic strata should benefit from the masses of information that so many of us have access to.

My goal at In Women’s Hands is as determined as my commitment to women’s nonviolent activism.

Lu Ortiz

Luisa Ortiz, PhD, is Founder and CEO of NOVA-México Digital Solutions.


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One Response to Red Carpet Premiere: Lu Ortiz

  1. Dear Luisa,

    I share your enthusiasm for citizen journalism and giving voice to the (previously) voiceless, but technology is only one tool that women have at their disposal. We have to create a chain of support, both domestic and international, that is not only verbal and technological, but real. Part of reality is finding ways to spread access to technology to have-nots (mobile technology is very promising in this regard). The other part, though, is finding ways to use technology and available economic resources to defeat greed and repression of women. The best tools to help women, I believe, are both economic and health-driven; give women the tools and resources to earn their living, discover their talents, maintain their health, limit their families, and protect their children and villages. Then give women the courage and access to education and the support of others to help them defeat misogyny with strategic independence and freedom from religious repression. I have written in Ann Marie-s entry that we need to place a much great value on population control. This should be an issue that women lead and guide; it is the ‘forgotten’ issue that is poisoning our planet and creating conditions that will turn the modern age back to the stone age if we don’t do something soon. AE

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