About In Women’s Hands

For centuries, women have been the driving force of social justice and political change, but their stories often go undocumented and remain untold. In Women’s Hands aims to change this pattern by sharing stories and insights, both historical and contemporary, in order to help build transnational networks of women organizers. This initiative is a corrective process . . . it will promote the knowledge and awareness regarding the history and role of women and their accomplishments through nonviolent civil resistance leadership. In Women’s Hands hopes to support the study, documentation and practice of the powerful roles played by women in strategic nonviolent action.

In Women’s Hands is founded by Vanessa Ortiz, with the encouragement and support of 15 women scholars, trainers and researchers on civil resistance. Our work and website is in development, but follow us and our work with women nonviolent organizers from around the world. This blog is our starting point.

Contact information: vanessa@inwomenshands.org

7 Responses to About In Women’s Hands

  1. Stephanie Rudat says:

    Congratulations on the launch of this great blog. I’m looking forward to learning more!

  2. sdoerrer says:

    This is very exciting! 🙂

  3. Ciel Lagumen says:

    what a great idea! for a conglomerate of women irrespective of race,education and religion around the world to come together/networking toward a good cause–

  4. Deena says:

    Just saw your website/blog. It is quite impressive and very inspirational. Congratulations on beginning a journey that will enhance not only your own insight, but also further the understanding of all who follow your writings. Best wishes, and I look forward to following your thoughtful journals. ~Deena

  5. Rosa Moiwend says:

    Dear Vanessa,

    Great job!

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  7. Rev. Meg Purdy says:

    I am a 75 yr-old woman active over the years in the Canadian peace movement, anti-nuclear actions, the women’s movement, Christian Feminism, and most recently politically in the Global Green movement’s Green Party ofCanada. Just found “In Women’s Hand’s” through the American magazine Soujourner’s. Absolutely delighted and will look forward to following and praying for your work in the future.

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